PARANOIA - single player total conversion mod based on Half-Life

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PARANOIA team is:

Mikhail "BuZZeR" Kadikov

Project Founder & Lead, original story, level design, scripting, world textures, static models.

Yriy "BUzer" Sitnikov

Code, new graphic effects.

Roman "e4g1e" Trifonov

Static models.

Georg Destroy

Modelling and texturing, static models, animations.

Vladimir "J.D." Kunshin

Ambient music, textures, sound effects.

Andrey "KasChei" Perednikas

Concept art and textures.

Dmitriy "Nisstagm" Terentyev


Denis "ROCK" Garshin

Modelling and texturing, static models, animations.

Vasiliy "T.D." Pupkin

Modelling and texturing, static models.

Vitaly "Vitoss" Sokolovsky

Modelling and texturing, static models, animations.

Aleksey "Wargon" Davydov

Code, animations, models editing.

Alexey "Zlodey" Kiryanov
Modelling and texturing, animations.

Special thanks to:

ORCS Development Studios

Additional texturing.

Featured music:

SLOT homepage

Russian rock band named SLOT.

English localization:

LocWorks - Localization Made Simple

The LocWorks team in collaboration with Roy Cochrun. For more info on what we do, visit us at:


Thank you for playing!

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